Rev. Erika is on Sabbatical from Feb. 22—May 22.

Sabbatical Call Roster
In the event of a major crisis or death in the congregation during Rev. Erika’s sabbatical, our on-call minister is Rev. Mark Glovin, former minister of First Universalist Church of Rockland. Rev. Mark has held services with us on several occasions and is well known to many of you. In order to keep it simple and efficient, only the following members of the congregation are authorized to contact Rev. Mark.

Bob Whitmire, (President)
Courtney Belolan, ( Vice-President)
Sandy Barth, ( Co-chair, Caring Team)
Joan Whitmire, (Co-chair, Caring Team)
Rosie Davis, (Team volunteer, Caring Team)
Carney McRae, (Director of Religious Exploration)

For less pressing needs, your Caring Team will be there for you, and you are welcome to contact us. It may be that you need a ride to an appointment or you need an errand run or you just may need some company. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. If we can’t serve your need, we’ll find another Caring volunteer who can.

Joan Whitmire, Co Chair
Sandy Barth, Co Chair
Rosie Davis, Team volunteer