Topic: Wondering


Gathering the Light

With Hanukkah, the Winter Solstice and Advent season among us, we will explore how these ancient and contemporary celebrations inspire and renew our faith.

On the Threshold of Wonder

In the Christian calendar, this is the season of Advent, the time of waiting for something amazing and not entirely understood to happen. What is it like to live in anticipation of something good, as opposed to worrying about which shoe will drop next? How … read more.


Worship Associate • Tiffany Vencile.

As we enter a festival season, Rev. Ariel will reflect on how rituals often arise out of distinct experiences of place, and the potential cost of observing those rituals divorced from that place.

A UU Take on Faith & Miracles

Language can trigger emotional responses related to a listener’s spiritual journey. Faith and miracles are two hot-button words relevant to the lives and beliefs of religious liberals. Anecdotes and scientific facts build appreciation of these constructs from a non-theist perspective.

A Whole New World

On the other side of Easter, the early Jesus movement sought to build a new world where “there was not a needy person among them,” and “everything was held in common.” How might this vision be manifested in our communities today? Join us on Sunday, … read more.

The Wisdom Way of Jesus

The Greeting Happy Easter is meant to be a greeting of hope and compassion. Yet, the traditional Easter Sunday message can be challenging for religious liberals. I find it helps if I approach Jesus as a wisdom teacher, with a message about the way his … read more.