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What Kind of Community Are We Planning?

“What is extraordinary appears to us as a habit, the dawn, a daily routine of nature.” Abraham Joshua Heschel Abraham Joshua Heschel’s words invite us to remember that there is no accident to creating a beloved community. Please join us this Sunday as we explore creating community together!


What does it mean to belong to our family, our community, our own self? How does belonging nourish our beings? Come and explore the notion of belonging and how we cultivate it in our lives. “My hunger to belong was not merely a desire to be attached to something. It was rather sensing that great … Continue reading Belonging


Though we have met through the summer, this Sunday marks a new beginning – a new “church” year to celebrate together. Bring your waters, from wherever they arrive to you, and join us to begin again.

Choose Your Own Adventure

We will not be having a service due to the Holiday Weekend. You may attend either the Rockland or Brunswick UU’s.