Topic: Thresholds

To Dwell in the Land of Both/And

Our service will be a music-filled, participatory exploration of what it means to live in the tender territory of Both/And, where we’re asked to hold disparate truths. What tools can we bring to this spiritual work? Rev. Erika is delighted to be leading worship again. A number of visitors will be joining us from across … Continue reading To Dwell in the Land of Both/And

There Is Something About Mary…

Our Vice President and Worship Associate, Courtney Belolan, has been thinking a lot about Mary, motherhood, and the divine feminine. Why has Mary captured the hearts of so many people around the world? Why hasn’t she felt any kind of connection to Mary until recently?

Loaves of Bread

Worship Associate: Tiffany Vencile In this service we will stick our collective big toes into a bit of theology, weaving in big questions of belief and faith with personal stories and perspective. You may find out that you’re a theologian, too.