Topic: The Unknown & Unknowable

The Journey of Awakening

UU Minister Debra Haffner writes, “we are on a journey … a journey to our better selves, a journey to a better world.” Our third UU Principle calls us to the practice of “acceptance of one another and encouragement to spiritual growth in our congregations.” … read more.

The Power of Music and Creativity

Join Chloë Briedé as she will preach on the power of music and creativity to ease suffering. She will tell the story of Viktor Ullman, a Jewish Austrian composer killed in the Holocaust and weave in ideas from art therapy and her own hobby as … read more.

Looking Beyond Fear

Michael questions how fear impacts our lives. He discusses how realization and conscious examination of fear can be a means to let go and experience joyful living.

Acceptance Is a Small, Quiet Room

All of us have struggles. Whether it’s small irritations or unbearable grief, life gets hard. When that’s true, the advice to practice “acceptance” might make you want to scream with frustration — but acceptance isn’t the same thing as liking our pain. What does it … read more.