Topic: Thanks & Praise

Cornbread and Cider Communion

Join worship associates Tiffany Vencile and Patti Anderson as we reflect on what it means to Welcome everyone to the table. Join us in a Cornbread and Cider Communion where we will reflect on our freedoms and be mindful of refugees who are not able … read more.

Underground Prophets

Throughout our Unitarian and Universalist histories, ordinary people were finding ways to be justice-makers in bold and secret ways. This morning we’ll celebrate some of the unknown stories of our underground prophets.

Our SHARE THE PLATE offering will be given to MUUSAN: our Maine UU … read more.

Search for Truth and Meaning

Hint – You’re going to need four-wheel drive.
Worship associate Bob Whitmire talks about how spending four years in the US Army in his late teens and early 20s, including tours of duty in Vietnam and on the Horn of Africa, set him on a … read more.

I Don’t Know Everything

In praise of admitting we might be wrong, exploring multiple stories, and the spiritual practice of humility. Rev. Alix is an entrepreneurial UU minister, writer, and spiritual director. She lives in Medford, MA with her husband, son, and two black cats. She writes a blog … read more.