Topic: Seeking Our Truth

How to Be Silent

Silence can often be a commodity in a world that urgently needs our attention. However, the ability to be silent or to bring silence to our minds or bodies, when necessary, is a valuable spiritual practice that comes to us from many faith traditions. Join … read more.

Intimacy & Ultimacy, Part 2

Ultimacy is our human need for meaning: glimmers of answers to the Big Questions that might point to a larger purpose for our lives. Today we’ll explore the intersection of religion and astrophysics (yes, really). Our service will include special music by Carter Ruff and … read more.

Intimacy & Ultimacy, Part 1

Unitarian theologian James Luther Adams (1902-1994) once summarized the reasons people go to church as the need for intimacy and ultimacy. Today we’ll examine intimacy: our need to feel accepted, connected and loved. This service will be followed by an optional group discussion with Rev. … read more.