Topic: Sacred Texts

Fictional Characters As Guides

All Ages Worship.

Is there a fictional character that provides you with inspiration, courage, or guidance? We want to include your input in this service! Please contact us safemail(“uumidcoast”,””) to tell us which fictional character inspires you, and why.

Remembering the Moon: Both her light side and her dark

What are usually called “sacred texts” contain many wise, universal truths, that resonate deeply with me and a lot that does not speak to me or my experience of life—at all. They were, after all, written by people (mostly men) whose life experiences were very … read more.

Laughter as Sacred Text

Humor lifts our spirits, but sometimes it also allows us to understand ourselves better, forgive ourselves for our human foibles, or treat ourselves with more compassion. Come prepared to laugh with (not at) each other, and about the ways our human imperfections are universal.

The Edge of Wilderness

Worship Associate • Tiffany Vencile

Join Aram Mitchell for his 4th time back with MUUF! Aram will be reflecting on an examination of wilderness as sacred text. An exploration for the wisdom to be found there. And an embrace of the responsibility that comes with … read more.