Topic: Resilience

Sharing Resilience

We’ll be reading from “Shelter in This Place – Meditations on 2020” edited by Meg Riley and published in 2021 by the UUA. Then we’ll break into groups to share our own experiences of resilience, and the obstacles to resilience, that we’ve had during these … read more.

A Prayer for Peace

The brutal attack on Ukraine leaves many of us feeling anguished and fearful. What can we do to help? How can we remain resilient in the face of such suffering? Join us for a service of prayer and reflection as we consider how to live … read more.

LOL! Humor & Levity as Resilience

Humor can help our psychological, spiritual, and physical well-being. It helps us cope with stress, pain, and adversity… and we seem to have enough collective stress, pain, and adversity right now to sink a ship.

Without turning our backs on what’s happening all around, we’ll … read more.

The Ecology of Easter

Worship Associate: Bob Whitmire.

Easter Sunday.
We’ll hear from our own John Arbuckle, co-founder of Singing Pastures Farm in Newcastle, who will talk about “The Ecology of Easter”. John asks the question: How do we take the archetype of this ancient story and find hope and … read more.