Topic: Potluck

In With the New

However we vote, we put love at the center, unflinching, insistent: this free faith we so cherish reveres the past and trusts the dawning future more. We believe in evolution—unfolding always, not unraveling—and revelation is not sealed. – Rev. Victoria Safford, in a reflection before the final pre-vote discussion of Article II at General Assembly … Continue reading In With the New

Mysterium Tremendum

Since the earliest days of our UU faith we have been challenged to open inquiry concerning the concept, and individual, relationship to the Divine. Al’s sermon will invite us to explore the topic through the lens of personal expression.

Coming Together

Worship Associate • Tiffany Vencile. Whether we are talking about a meal or a community, potluck brings together surprises, new ideas and creativity. Join us as we explore together the strengths we bring and the risks our faith invites us into!

Why Are You Here!?

Join Worship associate Tiffany Vencile as we explore what brings us to fellowship each week. What fills our bucket and why we keep coming back. Please note-Aram Mitchell was originally supposed to be joining us for this Sunday but due to family circumstances he will be unable to join us-He sends his regrets and hopes … Continue reading Why Are You Here!?

Singing With One Voice

Singing together helps us experience the truth that we find the spirit, the creativity, the courage to face whatever happens when we join our voices together. Let’s sing! MUUF Choir is composed of 12 singers from the Midcoast UU Fellowship. Our accompanist is Jennifer Ober and our director is Susan Borg.

Shoring Up Your Spirit

In these challenging times, what lessons can we learn from the mutability of water? Come hear a minister from “The Other Portland” describe her experience being raised on the Oregon coast, and the spiritual lessons we can learn from the ever-changing nature of coastline. Rev. Marcia Stanard is a fifth-generation Oregonian who serves as the … Continue reading Shoring Up Your Spirit

Matt has led music and worship for hundreds of services in congregations all over the U.S. and Canada. Matt has a degree in hand drumming from Berklee College of Music and has studied abroad in Cuba, Ghana, and Central America. In addition to music, Matt is also an active community organizer and educator.

Do UU’s have Blessings to Count?

(she/her/hers), Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Centre County, State College, PA Quotes about Blessings are too numerous to count: “There’s a Blessing in everything that happens to us.” “You never know where a Blessing might come from.” “Count your blessings, not your problems.” How do Blessings exist in our UU context? Are Blessings tied to a … Continue reading Do UU’s have Blessings to Count?