Topic: Origin Stories

Connection from Beyond

As Sowin and All Saints day approach, we will reflect on those who have passed. As we all have our own truths about the afterlife, we will use this worship service to hear from our members about how they believe loved ones have reached out … read more.

We Are Still Here

Join Worship Associates Tiffany Vencile, Penny Ziarnik, and Bob Whitmire for a three-part service examining spiritual aspects of three specific areas of anxiety, tension, and uncertainty we still face as 2020 begins to wind down: A Fellowship without a minister; a country without a (real) … read more.

Erika’s Final Worship Service

Rev. Erika, our Worship Associates, and other leaders will co-lead Erika’s final worship service with the congregation.

Origin Stories

Our original theme for October was “Origins,” so Rev. Erika will fill our worship service with a host of real-life origin stories, ranging from the serenity prayer, to law enforcement, to evangelical Christianity’s “pro-life” position.