Topic: LGBTQ Pride

10:00 a.m. HYMN SING with Rev. Erika & Kevin Kiley

10:30 Worship, followed by an optional sermon discussion.

You Can Never Be Sure, But I’d Say 99% Boy

Loving and raising a child who did, in fact, fall fairly “far from the tree“ can be a humbling, baffling, and rewarding experience. Lisa’s sermon is about her experiences with her transgender daughter, and their family’s experiences with a world that doesn’t quite know what … read more.

Outlawing Jelly Beans, and Other Injustices

How do we respond to injustice? In this fairy tale-gone-awry, a pompous and power-hungry Duke is gently put in his place by the inclusive and justice-loving people in his royal kingdom. When we use our shared power in the name of love, we can overcome … read more.

Owning our Homophobia

Several MUUF members will speak about their personal journeys from homophobia to LGBTQ inclusion.