Topic: Inheritance

Pentecost and Mary Magdalene

Pentecost Sunday is May 23 this year. Growing up UU, I knew little about Pentecost until recently, when I decided to learn more about the Christian heritage of both Unitarianism and Universalism. Pentecost, when the Holy Spirit descended on the disciples of Jesus, is considered … read more.

The Illusion of Our Separateness

Unitarian Universalist principles—and our Unitarian heritage—teach us about the importance of the individual. But in American society, focusing on individualism robs us of the inherent power of being part of a collective and sharing a united goal. Are we ready to confront the limitations of … read more.

The Gift of Nurturing

We each need to be nurtured by others and by ourselves. Everyone can provide nurturing to another human being but also to animals and even plants. The wonderful thing about nurturing another is that we discover that nurturing can come full circle. Memories of … read more.