Topic: Generosity

Generous Self-Love: Part 2 of 2

We’ve all been hurt. When we replay and revisit the hurts we’ve suffered, sometimes we’re able to come to terms with that hurtful past. As Mark Nepo points out, that coming to terms can be called both healing and forgiveness. Join us as we explore … read more.

From You I Receive

Join worship associate Tiffany Vencile during this service that will feature our own members as they reflect on the experience of being on the receiving end of generosity. Celebrate and witness those stories, which will invite you to reflect on generosity in your own … read more.

Generous Self-Love: Part 1 of 2

One of the most important relationships of our lives is the one we have with ourselves. What happens when trusting our own self — our intuition, experience, or truth — puts us at odds with the people we care about?

Our SHARE THE PLATE offering … read more.

The Good Samaritan

Fellowship member John Arbuckle will talk about one of the most abiding parables arising from the Christian tradition, a teaching that transcends the boundaries of any one religion and drives to the heart of what it means to be human.

John and Holly run Singing Pasture … read more.

Happy People

Our world is full of women and men, young and old, who are suffering, who feel out of balance within themselves and in the world. Today we will think about the connection between hardship and happiness and explore some pathways to wholeness that are part … read more.