Topic: Forgiveness

11th Hour Forgiveness

Worship Associate, Patricia Anderson

Lisa will reflect on lessons on forgiveness from hospice work: Needing forgiveness, and offering forgiveness—to oneself, and to others. What strength can we draw from the courageous acts of people at the end of their lives? Will their stories influence how we … read more.

Be Your Own Valentine

Worship for all ages.

What does it mean to practice self-love? To accept our bodies, our mistakes, our growing edges, and our shadow side? Join Rev. Erika for this non-traditional service, which will include a chocolate communion!

Our SHARE THE PLATE offering will be given to CHIP. … read more.

Finding Naming Bestowing Blessings

Worship Associate, Tiffany Vencile

This Sunday our neighbor to the north Rev. Mark Glovin will lead worship. Together, we’ll reflect on the ways we recognize and care for our blessings. As MUUF prepares for our first sabbatical, we’ll name the importance of gratitude and boundaries … read more.

Missed Opportunities

Today we’ll examine some moments from our Unitarian, Universalist, and UU histories in which we could not—and did not—rise to our best selves as a religious movement. How do these moments guide our present choices to live our faith and our professed values?

(If this service … read more.