Topic: Forgiveness

Restoring Relationship

We’ve been working hard to re-create a robust Fellowship over the past two years. Let’s take time to appreciate all that we have done and to to commit ourselves to restoring the relationships that have been damaged along the way.

Making Amends

We’re still far from the vision of the Beloved Community Martin Luther King Jr. preached more than a half-century ago. What gets in the way? Might we need to confront some resistance within our own liberal circles? I suggest that it is our corporate responsibility, … read more.

Experiencing Forgiveness

In small groups, we’ll explore our own experiences of forgiving and being forgiven. We’ll focus especially on how we recognize when we have been forgiven and how we show forgiveness to others.

We Begin Again In Love

This is the time we set intentions, seeking to chart a course for the year to come. Let’s add a hefty dose of self-compassion to the process. Let’s forgive ourselves in advance for the resolutions made and broken… for all the things we strive to … read more.