Topic: Finding Our Center


Finding Our Center

Finding one’s center is a fundamental part of many religions and spiritual practices in the world. In our secular, commercial world, centering is becoming more acceptable as a practice for executives and sales people. Still, our culture continues to emphasize speed and superficiality rather than slowing down and becoming acquainted with our own selves, with … Continue reading Finding Our Center

Finding Balance in Changing Times

We are called in many directions; how do we embody our faith and live out our values while also nurturing our spirits? Please join us this Sunday as we explore how the roots of Transcendentalism invite us to find our balance in changing times.

Many Voices of Racial Reckoning

Mary Finn, Patti Anderson, and Rev. Ariel will share stories of dawning and evolving racial consciousness and the ongoing work that such realizations draw us towards. Together they will explore how the people we are surrounded by, and the voices we listen to, shape our understanding of racism and inform our next steps.