Topic: Courage


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The Courage to Give

The MUUF Annual Stewardship Campaign begins this week! What does it mean to give to an idea, to a path not yet entirely charted? We’ll consider the act of giving, how we determine to whom or to what we will give, and what we expect … read more.

40th Anniversary of MUUF

Founding Members • Sandra Barth and Jean Howe.

Plan to join us either in person or via Zoom on October 16th in a service led by founding members Sandra Barth and Jean Howe to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the First Service of the Midcoast … read more.

No Service today

Access to downtown Damariscotta will be quite limited this weekend during the annual Damariscotta Pumpkinfest and Regatta, so we are cancelling our in-person service this week, and encouraging MUUF members and friends to “choose your own adventure” this Sunday, October 9th. Zoom … read more.

The Courage to Feel

Sharing our feelings with others can be an act of vulnerability that calls upon great courage. Often, acknowledging our feelings even to ourselves and being present with them also requires great courage. What is possible when we show up fully to ourselves, and when we … read more.

New Vision: An Easter Story

Worship Associate • Tiffany Vencile

Springtime brings a message of hope, as new life rises from the barrenness of winter. How do we apply that to our own lives and the struggles in the world around us? Can we find hope amid the darkness? Can we … read more.

Places of Grace and Unexpected Power

Worship Associate • Rashi Nessen

A Passover and Palm Sunday Service.
Guest minister Anne Bancroft will lead us in an exploration of power. Engaging our April theme of Courage, we’ll consider together how our choice of locations (physical, emotional, spiritual) may surprise us with opportunity!

Connected in Covenant

Worship Associate • Penny Ziarnik

Our theme for the month is courage, and today we examine the courage it takes to move from a focus on “me” to “we.” Becky Bailey asks, Is it more important to be special (i.e. right) or to be connected? The … read more.