Topic: Change


Choosing Change

“Old habits of mind create tomorrows which look exactly like yesterdays. That is precisely what makes old habits comfortable. Familiar patterns, which we know by heart, are easily followed with our eyes closed.”
Dennis McCarty

Lessons from Squirrels

There is risk in change. Some of us live in the safety of the familiar, the safety of our privileges and the safety of stretching only to the point where we know we will succeed. The New England Region staff utilize 5 guiding commitments and … read more.

This Is Not A Time For A Casual Faith

Worship Associate • Tiffany Vencile.

UUs who cannot believe in what happens in after-life, all believe in freedom in this life. Join W.A. Tiffany Vencile and Julia Fitz-Randolph to explore our legacy of showing up, leading with love, and organizing for the long haul.