Topic: Change the World

Imagining Our Future

Today, we’ll meet in person at the Edgecomb Town Hall, where we met for 20 years before moving to the Skidompha Library. In small groups, we’ll imagine our future as a Fellowship emerging from the trials and changes of the past many months. What are … read more.

Restoring Justice

When I entered my graduate program last spring I thought I knew what justice was; now I am not quite as certain. A large part of our Unitarian and Universalist faith is about doing justice. And times of change are opportunities to increase justice. A … read more.

Indigenous Peoples Day

Mary Finn, Jill Linzee and Patti Anderson will lead a service in celebration of Indigenous Peoples Day. In accordance with our UU First Principle of the inherent worth and dignity of every person, and our six additional Principles we will share personal reflections, readings and … read more.

Changing The World: Charity and Justice

This seems like an important theme as we see our legislators in Washington D.C. debating and arguing over increasing the Federal budget and expanding the meaning of our country’s infrastructure. And world leaders are facing serious questions that threaten the stability of our world. How … read more.