Topic: Being Human, Being Humble

The Good News according to “Queer Eye”

“Queer Eye” is an Emmy-winning reality show on Netflix in which 5 “style experts” — all gay men — forge relationships with men and women who often have different beliefs from them. What makes this show, and its five experts, so moving, so inspiring, and … read more.

Witch Hunts, Then and Now

Two centuries before the Salem Witch Trials resulted in the deaths of 20 people, the Malleus Maleficarum (“The Hammer of Witches”) fueled a European witch-craze that resulted in the persecutions and deaths of tens of thousands of women. What fueled these witch hunts of the … read more.

Brave Enough

There are all kinds of ways to be brave, and to exhibit courage when we’d rather shrink back. What encourages you? How do we make ourselves “brave enough” to honor ourselves and one another?