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Godless Heathens and the Search for Meaning

Meaning can be a difficult concept to wrestle with when a person has no divine or eternal source of validation. MUUF member and lifelong atheist Rob Brown explores meaning, why it matters, and some ways to connect to that sense of purpose and power in … read more.

Annual Christmas Eve Service “Love Born Again”

Join Rev. Erika Hewitt, Kevin Kiley, and our Midcoast UU Choir for this all-ages interactive celebration of the Nativity story, and all that it offers our modern ears. We’ll worship in Skidompha’s Atrium, surrounded by “candle” light, and ending with our singing of “Silent Night.” … read more.

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Musical selection by the MUUF Choir

Rabbi Lisa Vinikoor returns for a second visit to the Fellowship. She serves as the spiritual leader of Beth Israel Congregation in Bath and Hillel rabbi at Bowdoin College. Rabbi Vinikoor came to the rabbinate after a fourteen-year career as … read more.