Speaker: Worship Associates

Festival of Light on Christmas Eve

[php_everywhere]Please join us at Edgecomb Town Hall on Friday December 24 and on ZOOM at 4:00 pm for our Christmas Eve Service. We’ll be singing merry songs, sharing stories, and passing the light of love. We have so much to celebrate.

As a special treat … read more.

Exploring Anger

Live at the Edgecomb Town Hall at 10:30 am (masks required).

This month the topic of our services involves an exploration of anger. Feeling and expressing anger are often difficult. Sharing our perceptions and beliefs about anger can lead us to be more compassionate toward ourselves … read more.

Imagining Our Future

Today, we’ll meet in person at the Edgecomb Town Hall, where we met for 20 years before moving to the Skidompha Library. In small groups, we’ll imagine our future as a Fellowship emerging from the trials and changes of the past many months. What are … read more.

The Heart of Respect is Listening

This month’s worship theme is Listening. During this week’s service we’ll learn about and use active and reflective listening, getting to know one another through a practice in small groups.

Rashi Nessen and Susan Borg serve as Worship Associates at the MUUF. They are retired educators … read more.