Speaker: Susan Borg

Susan Borg is the choir director at MUUF. She is a retired educator living in Bristol ME.

What Do We Sing For?

As long as humans have been human, we have expressed our deepest feelings and daily joys by singing. Singing joins our voices and creates a fellowship of shared beauty. The MUUF Choir will lead a service (almost) entirely sung, and everyone will get to sing!

Shine, Warm and Move

In Shine, Warm and Move we’ll explore how resistance in physics might give us some useful metaphors for understanding resistance in human relationships.

Being Loved

In our language, Love includes so many different meanings: respect, romance, attention, desire, kindness, to name just a few. All of those words carry the understanding that Love is an experience of relationship between beings. We know Love more surely by our experience of being loved than by the words we might choose to describe … Continue reading Being Loved

Finding Our Center

Finding one’s center is a fundamental part of many religions and spiritual practices in the world. In our secular, commercial world, centering is becoming more acceptable as a practice for executives and sales people. Still, our culture continues to emphasize speed and superficiality rather than slowing down and becoming acquainted with our own selves, with … Continue reading Finding Our Center

Singing With One Voice

Singing together helps us experience the truth that we find the spirit, the creativity, the courage to face whatever happens when we join our voices together. Let’s sing! MUUF Choir is composed of 12 singers from the Midcoast UU Fellowship. Our accompanist is Jennifer Ober and our director is Susan Borg.

Skillful Anger

Edgecomb Town Hall. Susan Borg will lead us in a series of guided explorations to help us discover how Skillful Anger can work in our Fellowship and in our own lives. Susan Borg is the choir director at MUUF. For this service, she draws on many years of teaching experience including all ages from pre-school … Continue reading Skillful Anger