Speaker: Rev. Molly Brewer

I believe that being radically and fabulously who you are is a blessed path to the healing, creativity, inspiration, and realization of justice that is our birthright as co-creators of the Sacred here and now.

The Illusion of Our Separateness

Unitarian Universalist principles—and our Unitarian heritage—teach us about the importance of the individual. But in American society, focusing on individualism robs us of the inherent power of being part of a collective and sharing a united goal. Are we ready to confront the limitations of … read more.

This Is Who We Are

Following the invasion of the U.S. Capitol Building on. Jan. 6, the refrain “this isn’t who we are!” has been commonly shared on social media. But in the United States, white supremacist violence has been a part of our nation’s character since before its founding. … read more.