Speaker: Rev. Erika

(If this service is canceled due to weather, join Rev. Erika on the Zoom videoconferencing platform at 10:30 a.m. for a brief and informal service. Go to www.Zoom.us, click the blue link that says “Join a meeting,” and enter 749-979-5863.)

Everyone Wakes Up a Day Older

We’re all aging, all the time—which dismays some of us. However, in the words of Ashton Applewhite, “Not dealing with aging is a way of not dealing with living.” Today we’ll explore ageism, and the spirituality of aging.

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Underground Prophets

Throughout our Unitarian and Universalist histories, ordinary people were finding ways to be justice-makers in bold and secret ways. This morning we’ll celebrate some of the unknown stories of our underground prophets.

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A Promise-Making People

Unitarian theologian James Luther Adams posited that human beings become human by making individual and collective promises. As UUs, our promises extend to the vulnerable and the fragile—and live at the heart of our justice work.

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Generous Self-Love: Part 2 of 2

We’ve all been hurt. When we replay and revisit the hurts we’ve suffered, sometimes we’re able to come to terms with that hurtful past. As Mark Nepo points out, that coming to terms can be called both healing and forgiveness. Join us as we explore … read more.

Generous Self-Love: Part 1 of 2

One of the most important relationships of our lives is the one we have with ourselves. What happens when trusting our own self — our intuition, experience, or truth — puts us at odds with the people we care about?

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Giving Money to Strangers

In July, Rev. Erika conducted an unusual social experiment: she stopped strangers on the street and offered them a dollar … for what? Come find out — and hear what giving money to strangers has to do with our Fellowship.

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Come Anyway

Sometimes we read the sermon description to decide whether to come to church. Rev. Erika suggests that our relationships with one another are reciprocal in life-giving ways, and the question of “What will I receive?” might not be as important as “Who might need me … read more.