Speaker: Rev. Erika

You Gotta Have Faith (What Does That Mean?)

What does “faith” mean? What does “faith” look like through different religious lenses? Join us as we question the values and beliefs underlying our daily choices, and how faith manifests in our Unitarian Universalist lives. Our service will include August’s selfie roundup!

Laughter as Sacred Text

Humor lifts our spirits, but sometimes it also allows us to understand ourselves better, forgive ourselves for our human foibles, or treat ourselves with more compassion. Come prepared to laugh with (not at) each other, and about the ways our human imperfections are universal.

Uprisings and Intersections

We’ll remember and celebrate the intersectional origin of Pride. What does the Black Lives Matter movement have to do with the June 28, 1969 Stonewall riots? A LOT.

Being Better Allies

Rev. Erika (she/her) invites you to this worship service, which includes a slide show of Monday’s vigil in support of Black Lives; a story for kids about using our privilege to make someone else’s life easier; hymns to sing together; and more.

To Dwell in the Land of Both/And

Our service will be a music-filled, participatory exploration of what it means to live in the tender territory of Both/And, where we’re asked to hold disparate truths. What tools can we bring to this spiritual work?

Rev. Erika is delighted to be leading worship again. A … read more.

Be Your Own Valentine

Worship for all ages.

What does it mean to practice self-love? To accept our bodies, our mistakes, our growing edges, and our shadow side? Join Rev. Erika for this non-traditional service, which will include a chocolate communion!

Our SHARE THE PLATE offering will be given to CHIP. … read more.

Missed Opportunities

Today we’ll examine some moments from our Unitarian, Universalist, and UU histories in which we could not—and did not—rise to our best selves as a religious movement. How do these moments guide our present choices to live our faith and our professed values?

(If this service … read more.

Everyone Wakes Up a Day Older

We’re all aging, all the time—which dismays some of us. However, in the words of Ashton Applewhite, “Not dealing with aging is a way of not dealing with living.” Today we’ll explore ageism, and the spirituality of aging.

Please stay after worship (noon-1:30 p.m.) for an … read more.

Underground Prophets

Throughout our Unitarian and Universalist histories, ordinary people were finding ways to be justice-makers in bold and secret ways. This morning we’ll celebrate some of the unknown stories of our underground prophets.

Our SHARE THE PLATE offering will be given to MUUSAN: our Maine UU … read more.