Speaker: Rev. Charles Stephens

Accountability to Mutual Trust and Support

As Unitarian Universalists we affirm “A free and responsible search for truth and meaning.” Truth and meaning are important in our personal and in our congregational lives. When we are accountable to mutual trust and support in the presence of religious pluralism our faith can … read more.

Rediscovering Our Vital Center

Led by our Worship Associates. • Bob Whitmire, Tiffany Vencile, Penny Ziarnik.

During the crisis of a century, we are presented with the challenge and the opportunity of rediscovering the essence of who we are. This is the case for us as individuals as we remain … read more.

What More Did I Think I Wanted?

Last year was an abundant “mast year” in Down East Maine. The trees were heavy with acorns and pine cones. Such abundance has and continues to provide an abundance of food for wildlife. There are internal rhythms within the natural world, of which we are … read more.