Speaker: Rev. Charles J. Stephens

I come to spiritual direction with a strong interest in interfaith dialogue and offer spiritual guidance to people of many different belief perspectives

As a Spiritual Guide it is my aim to work with individuals to deepen spiritual connections and clarify their spiritual and life paths. It is my goal to listen with compassion and to collaborate with each participant to design a spiritual guidance process that best matches their spiritual quest to make meaning and find greater direction in their life. I am comfortable working from eastern and western perspectives as well as from an earth based spirituality or Religious Naturalism. I find accompanying individuals along many and varied paths to be a unique privilege.

Changing The World: Charity and Justice

This seems like an important theme as we see our legislators in Washington D.C. debating and arguing over increasing the Federal budget and expanding the meaning of our country’s infrastructure. And world leaders are facing serious questions that threaten the stability of our world. How … read more.

The Ocean Refuses No River

This will be a Water Communion Service. Many of our UU congregations celebrate a version of this ritual each year. You are each invited to bring a small vial of water from a place that is important to you. This may be water from an … read more.

Celebrating Our Reunion

This is our first in-person service since March of 2020. It will be held outdoors in the tent behind the Damariscotta YMCA, 525 Main Street, Damariscotta, ME 04543.

More information to follow.

Annual Flower Festival/Ceremony

Please join us today for our Annual Flower Festival/Ceremony at 10:30 am. Included will be photos sent in by members and friends, with their special flower or plant in a pot or still in the earth.

The Gift of Nurturing

We each need to be nurtured by others and by ourselves. Everyone can provide nurturing to another human being but also to animals and even plants. The wonderful thing about nurturing another is that we discover that nurturing can come full circle. Memories of … read more.

The Wisdom Way of Jesus

The Greeting Happy Easter is meant to be a greeting of hope and compassion. Yet, the traditional Easter Sunday message can be challenging for religious liberals. I find it helps if I approach Jesus as a wisdom teacher, with a message about the way his … read more.