Speaker: Rev. Charles J. Stephens

I come to spiritual direction with a strong interest in interfaith dialogue and offer spiritual guidance to people of many different belief perspectives

As a Spiritual Guide it is my aim to work with individuals to deepen spiritual connections and clarify their spiritual and life paths. It is my goal to listen with compassion and to collaborate with each participant to design a spiritual guidance process that best matches their spiritual quest to make meaning and find greater direction in their life. I am comfortable working from eastern and western perspectives as well as from an earth based spirituality or Religious Naturalism. I find accompanying individuals along many and varied paths to be a unique privilege.

The Wisdom Way of Jesus

The Greeting Happy Easter is meant to be a greeting of hope and compassion. Yet, the traditional Easter Sunday message can be challenging for religious liberals. I find it helps if I approach Jesus as a wisdom teacher, with a message about the way his … read more.

Embracing our Weird / Unique Self

Embracing our unique self, body and soul, is not easy for anyone. This sermon is Inspired by the 26 year old author and PhD (biochemistry), Camilla Pang. Camilla calls her book a manual for humans. She writes that her “curious cocktail of neurodiversity” gives her … read more.

Rediscovering Our Vital Center

Led by our Worship Associates. • Bob Whitmire, Tiffany Vencile, Penny Ziarnik.

During the crisis of a century, we are presented with the challenge and the opportunity of rediscovering the essence of who we are. This is the case for us as individuals as we remain … read more.

What More Did I Think I Wanted?

Last year was an abundant “mast year” in Down East Maine. The trees were heavy with acorns and pine cones. Such abundance has and continues to provide an abundance of food for wildlife. There are internal rhythms within the natural world, of which we are … read more.