Speaker: Rev Anne Bancroft

The Rev. Anne Bancroft joins us from York where she lives with her husband, Dan, and black lab, Whisky. She served most recently as the settled minister at Theodore Parker Unitarian Universalist Church in West Roxbury (Boston), Massachusetts.

The Myriad Colors of the Season

December in New England is awash in this month’s theme: the gift of mystery. We tuck ourselves into early darkness and wonder how the season will evolve. (Snow? Or no snow?) The holiday reminders find us reveling in joy or avoiding them altogether (or somewhere … read more.

Practicing Human

James Luther Adams, according to Wikipedia “the most influential theologian among American Unitarian Universalists in the 20th century” – and whose birthday is November 12th – is quoted as saying, “Church is a place where you get to practice what it means to be human.” … read more.

Seek. Create. Share.

This Sunday is our annual Stewardship Kick-off! We’ll consider what it means to build community together as we weave our past into our future.


Though we have met through the summer, this Sunday marks a new beginning – a new “church” year to celebrate together. Bring your waters, from wherever they arrive to you, and join us to begin again.

A Cup Too Full?

In the fullness of this Maine summer, with the myriad colors of delight all around us, our proverbial cup overflows. How could we possibly make room for more? We hope you’ll join us for this slightly quieter and contemplative morning service.

I Choose This Day

When is it we start living the life we’re meant to lead? And how is it we discover what that is to begin with?

Remember that this Sunday, July 23rd, we’ll gather at the Friends Meetinghouse for our worship service at 4:00 p.m., followed by … read more.

The Place Just Right

Rev. Anne Bancroft will be encouraging us to consider a theological simplicity on the path to delight. We hope you’ll join us on Sunday, the 11th, as we celebrate the 100th anniversary of Norbet Capek’s Flower Service. Bring a flower, if you can, to fill … read more.

When Spring and Life Are New

African American poet, social activist, novelist and playwright, Langston Hughes, writes of life and wonder in his poem, In Time of Silver Rain. The MUUF choir will share his words, set to music by Sarah Quartel, as we imagine together what new visions of life … read more.

Enough for Now

As we consider our March theme, the Path of Vulnerability, we are reminded by storyteller-researcher, Brené Brown, that we humans cannot “selectively numb” our emotional lives. We cannot turn off pain or anger without turning off everything, including surprise or creativity, for example. But maybe, … read more.