Speaker: Rev Anne Bancroft

The Rev. Anne Bancroft joins us from York. She served most recently as the settled minister at Theodore Parker Unitarian Universalist Church in West Roxbury (Boston), Massachusetts.

In With the New

However we vote, we put love at the center, unflinching, insistent: this free faith we so cherish reveres the past and trusts the dawning future more. We believe in evolution—unfolding always, not unraveling—and revelation is not sealed. – Rev. Victoria Safford, in a reflection before the final pre-vote discussion of Article II at General Assembly … Continue reading In With the New

I (Don’t) Get It (Yet)

I’ve always loved language and the nuances of our vocabularies. I’ve long thought that communicating as clearly and thoughtfully as we can is an important habit of the heart. Did you know that nearly 700 new words were added to the Oxford English Dictionary just last year? It’s hard to keep up! As this congregation … Continue reading I (Don’t) Get It (Yet)

Love Is a Weary Noun and Other Thoughts on Justice and Breathing

Our February theme explores the Gifts of Justice and Equity, values we strive to practice and uphold, grounded in our interdependence and love for each other and the world we share. But sometimes, we’re just tired. Vocalist, James Dargan, wrote a song called, “Love is a Weary Noun.” When that feels especially true, what then?

Practicing Human

James Luther Adams, according to Wikipedia “the most influential theologian among American Unitarian Universalists in the 20th century” – and whose birthday is November 12th – is quoted as saying, “Church is a place where you get to practice what it means to be human.” His claim begs the question: what DOES it mean to … Continue reading Practicing Human

Seek. Create. Share.

This Sunday is our annual Stewardship Kick-off! We’ll consider what it means to build community together as we weave our past into our future.


Though we have met through the summer, this Sunday marks a new beginning – a new “church” year to celebrate together. Bring your waters, from wherever they arrive to you, and join us to begin again.

A Cup Too Full?

In the fullness of this Maine summer, with the myriad colors of delight all around us, our proverbial cup overflows. How could we possibly make room for more? We hope you’ll join us for this slightly quieter and contemplative morning service.