Speaker: Rev. Peter Richardson

Ordained in 1965, Richardson served UU Congregations in Kent, OH, Midland, TX, Needham and Andover, MA, and Kennebunk, ME. He has led workshops on psychological type in 4 countries including 13 U.S. states. He has authored eight books on U.U. history, psychological type and spirituality, poetry, and global religion and history, including most recently, Our Origin Story , in 2020.

He was present at the founding meeting of the Midcoast Fellowship in 1982.

He and his wife, Eleanor, live in Rockland, ME and Naples, FL.

Becoming Human

Our human nature has not always been as it is now. We are part of a dramatic emergence on this planet, still underway. Given the events of Jan. 6, wouldn’t you suspect we have more work to do?