Speaker: Our Worship Associates

Post-election celebration . . . or wake. However it goes, we will be here on Sunday morning to process the results, or the waiting, or the ‘whatever’ a 2020 presidential election might bring.

Join Worship Associate Bob Whitmire in processing how the past four years and the upcoming election push the boundaries of our Unitarian Universalist principles.

Are we really as solidly on the side of the angels as we think we are?

Connection from Beyond

As Sowin and All Saints day approach, we will reflect on those who have passed. As we all have our own truths about the afterlife, we will use this worship service to hear from our members about how they believe loved ones have reached out … read more.

We Are Still Here

Join Worship Associates Tiffany Vencile, Penny Ziarnik, and Bob Whitmire for a three-part service examining spiritual aspects of three specific areas of anxiety, tension, and uncertainty we still face as 2020 begins to wind down: A Fellowship without a minister; a country without a (real) … read more.

Choose Your Own Adventure

The entire Worship Committee team will offer our members and friends a service with three choices of adventures in heart, mind, and body.

A discussion with Tiffany Vencile of the joys and blessings we are finding now as we shelter at home,
A mindful movement and … read more.

Joys and Sorrows, Hopes and Fears

As an expression of our covenant, we will lean into vulnerability with one another, and ourselves. The worship associates will lovingly lead the fellowship through an exploration of the emotions that underlie our day to day existence.

Our Share The Plate offering will be given … read more.

Produce Communion

Join Courtney and other members of the Worship Associates to honor and celebrate the summer fruits of the Earth. We will thank the Earth for providing for us, and reflect on our agricultural connections to spirit and community. If you have a home garden, please … read more.

Remembering Stonewall

The Fellowship’s worship team commemorates the 50th anniversary of the 1969 Stonewall Riots in New York City’s Greenwich Village, an event that ignited the modern LGBTQ rights movement. The riots, a defiant resistance to systemic police harassment and brutality, propelled the struggle for human rights … read more.