Speaker: Bettina Lehovec

Bettina Lehovec is a candidate for the UU ministry with experience in several Maine congregations. She hopes to be accepted into preliminary fellowship in March 2022. A lifelong seeker, Bettina is passionate about accompanying others on their meaning-making journeys. She is honored to serve the Midcoast UU Fellowship as half-time contract minister, focusing on worship and pastoral care. Contact her at: .

True Colors

Worship Associates: Kate Pennington and Penny Ziarnik.

This service will celebrate LGBTQ+ Pride Month AND the flower communion UUs hold dear. Join us as we dedicate a new Pride flag and exchange flowers signifying the unity in diversity that is a hallmark of our faith. … read more.

New Vision: An Easter Story

Worship Associate • Tiffany Vencile

Springtime brings a message of hope, as new life rises from the barrenness of winter. How do we apply that to our own lives and the struggles in the world around us? Can we find hope amid the darkness? Can we … read more.

Connected in Covenant

Worship Associate • Penny Ziarnik

Our theme for the month is courage, and today we examine the courage it takes to move from a focus on “me” to “we.” Becky Bailey asks, Is it more important to be special (i.e. right) or to be connected? The … read more.

A Prayer for Peace

The brutal attack on Ukraine leaves many of us feeling anguished and fearful. What can we do to help? How can we remain resilient in the face of such suffering? Join us for a service of prayer and reflection as we consider how to live … read more.

What Matters Most

“What we worship, we are becoming.” These words by Ralph Waldo Emerson point to an important truth: The things we prioritize shape who we are. This service asks us to consider: How do we react in times of stress and uncertainty? What matters most?

Making Amends

We’re still far from the vision of the Beloved Community Martin Luther King Jr. preached more than a half-century ago. What gets in the way? Might we need to confront some resistance within our own liberal circles? I suggest that it is our corporate responsibility, … read more.