Speaker: Rev Ariel Aaronson-Eves

Rev. Ariel Aaronson-Eves serves part-time as the minister of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation in Franklin, NH, while also working as a hospice chaplain in central New Hampshire, and finding time to squeeze in some farm work and walks in the woods.

Many Voices of Racial Reckoning

Mary Finn, Patti Anderson, and Rev. Ariel will share stories of dawning and evolving racial consciousness and the ongoing work that such realizations draw us towards. Together they will explore how the people we are surrounded by, and the voices we listen to, shape our … read more.


Worship Associate • Tiffany Vencile.

As we enter a festival season, Rev. Ariel will reflect on how rituals often arise out of distinct experiences of place, and the potential cost of observing those rituals divorced from that place.

Choosing Change

“Old habits of mind create tomorrows which look exactly like yesterdays. That is precisely what makes old habits comfortable. Familiar patterns, which we know by heart, are easily followed with our eyes closed.”
Dennis McCarty

The Courage to Feel

Sharing our feelings with others can be an act of vulnerability that calls upon great courage. Often, acknowledging our feelings even to ourselves and being present with them also requires great courage. What is possible when we show up fully to ourselves, and when we … read more.

The Welcome Table

Rev. Ariel will share a story of a time when belonging felt complicated, but one person’s simple gesture of welcome changed everything, and invite us to reflect on how we can demonstrate welcome in our own lives and communities.

Gratitudes For Manna

The ancient book of Leviticus lays out rules and rituals for a tribal people in search of a home and building a sense of shared identity beyond their shared experiences of oppression. It can seem like it has no bearing on our modern lives. But … read more.

Everyone Else is Lying

In this sermon, UU minister Ariel Aaronson-Eves will reflect on the body as a source of knowing, especially for Unitarian Universalists. What can our bodies tell us when we tune in, about our health, about our relationships, about the sacred? How might we learn … read more.