This Body Will Be a Corpse

Taking death and change to heart throughout life—long before we think or imagine it’s our end of life—is an essential and transformative practice. That practice prompts our genuine opening, letting go, and coming into a more direct relationship with reality.

Angela Lutzenberger is an Interfaith Chaplain who’s worked in Hospice care for 8 years. A practitioner of Tibetan Buddhism for 25 years, Angela has also taught meditation and general Buddhist tenets for over a decade. In 2018 she founded the nonprofit Good Ground Great Beyond, the mission of which is to become a memorial park, contemplative hermitage, and sacred space for a public open-air cremation pyre available for use by surrounding Maine communities.

Noon to 1:00 p.m.: Join Angela and Erika for a workshop. Angela will discuss death planning as an exercise in increasing individual and relational awareness regarding what matters and holds meaning. We’ll explore the implications of communicating our thoughts about death and death care to our loved ones. We’ll also examine the core component parts of good and comprehensive end of life and death planning.