Musing Magic

What if ideas have lives of their own? In her book Big Magic, Elizabeth Gilbert resurrects the ancient notion that creative people don’t find their muse buried within, but outside themselves, on loan from the universe. What happens when we understand ourselves as in a relationship with ideas? What radical, responsible hospitality can we offer these visiting ideas? What part of the work of creation is ours to do and what part is not?

Becky Brooks – who will also take a roll in our Installation ceremony – is a writer, whistler, and wrangler of twins. She spent fifteen years working as a religious educator, including service on the Board of the Liberal Religious Educators Association. These days she spends her time at home in Baltimore, Maryland writing books, homeschooling her kids, and being grateful for every blessing. SHARE THE PLATE will be given to the UU Service Committee, in recognition of their work on behalf of immigrants and their children.