Remembering the Moon: Both her light side and her dark

What are usually called “sacred texts” contain many wise, universal truths, that resonate deeply with me and a lot that does not speak to me or my experience of life—at all. They were, after all, written by people (mostly men) whose life experiences were very different from mine, or almost anyone alive today. I have been trying, for the past few years, to skip the middleman entirely, in my desire to connect with Source. Now I mostly read the sacred texts that are always unfolding around me: in nature and in my dreams, in my own and my ancestor’s stories, as well as that of other living people and their ancestors. As I can really only speak for myself, I will offer some of what I have found, and am continuing to explore, in illustrated story form. (It’s called Remembering the Moon because I forget her all the time—to my detriment—as you will see.)