Celebrating Our Reunion (Cancelled due to weather)

Good morning everyone.

We have reluctantly decided to postpone today’s in-person worship service due to inclement weather. While the open sided tent would provide reasonable protection during light rainfalls, “heavy rain” is currently forecasted to fall from 9 AM through 11 AM, and rain is expected to continue through at least 1 PM. It’s simply going to be too wet and noisy with rain beating down.

A lot of people have worked together to create a joyful, music-filled service to celebrate our fellowship. We now hope to have this service take place on Sunday, August 1st, same time, same place. An announcement will be coming as soon as rescheduling details have been worked out. Stay tuned!

Since the service designed for today is not easily translatable to Zoom, there will be no Zoom service today.

Mark Ziarnik
Molly Davis
Penny Ziarnik