Live Video Services On-Line

For the foreseeable future, our Fellowship will continue holding Sunday Services via Zoom video conferencing. Many of you have attended one of the Zoom services we’ve already held, so you know it’s fairly simple.

Services aren’t exactly like our services in Porter Hall, but then how could they be? The important thing is that we have the opportunity to take a break from our isolation from one another. That said, you will need to provide your own coffee, tea, and snacks.

Usually, there will be a time for all ages (children are encouraged to stay with us for the duration of the service). We will share joys and sorrows, and accept an offering. An Order of Service email will contain details on how to make an offering from home. And thank you to those of you who already have taken advantage of this.

Late every week, on Saturday if all goes well, an Order of Service will arrive in your inbox. It will contain a link to join the meeting. Those of you who don’t have Zoom already on your computer will be prompted to install it as you click the link to join the service. The installation is quick and easy, and won’t hold anything up. Basic instructions on how to join a Zoom meeting are here:

How to Join a Zoom Meeting for the First Time

More can be found at or on YouTube.

We suggest you join the meeting five or ten minutes early, just to get your bearings. People will be around who can answer questions before the service begins. If you enable video on your computer or tablet, and you are still in your jammies, make sure they are your Sunday-go-to-meeting jammies. We have standards here at MUUF. 😷

Which reminds me. You can join by telephone as well. There will be a phone number in the OoS. The video capabilities of using your phone will be diminished, or nonexistent, so please use a computer or tablet if possible. We like to see as many of your smiling faces as we can.

Most importantly, if you’ve never video conferenced before, don’t be tense. It’s not that hard; mistakes will be made (who cares?), and we will be together.

Warmly in Faith,

Worship Associates
Midcoast Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

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