Midcoast Unitarian Universalist Fellowship
Celebrating 40 Years of Community!

Nurture Spiritual Growth,
Engage in Justice, and
Build Community with Respect and Compassion.

Your Pledge Is Essential!

Your Board members invite you to celebrate over 40 years of Community through a 2022 Stewardship Commitment. We need your help to ensure that the Fellowship continues our important work:

  • Engaging professional religious leadership and sustaining our lay religious leadership and Director of Religious Exploration
  • Providing meaningful music and guest speakers in worship
  • Returning to physical in person worship at Skidompha or other locations
  • Ensuring that our social justice projects are vital, visible and effective
  • Being a proud member of our wider Unitarian Universalist community.

Thank you for pledging now. Your commitment inspires us All.

Read the full 2022 Stewardship Appeal here.

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Pledges may be fulfilled by cash, check, or PayPal™ (via our website, here: Donate). Need one less thing to remember? Set up automatic monthly deductions, available via PayPal™ or your bank.

THANK YOU for your contribution to the life of our Fellowship!