Our Fellowship’s Committee on Ministry is dedicated to the following goals:

  • to model healthy and deepening relationships in the Fellowship.
  • to facilitate direct communication among members of the worship community.
  • to raise awareness of, and commitment to, the congregation’s vision and mission.
  • In recognizing that all activities of the Fellowship are shared ministries, to understand, support, and advocate for robust ministry throughout congregational life.

Building a Fellowship Covenant

The Committee on Ministry led the effort to craft a congregational covenant for our Fellowship. A covenant articulates the values that guide the relationships within our Fellowship, and the ways we aspire to live those values.

The Committee began the process in January 2017 by asking for input from MUUF members and friends about what they identify as important values in the life of the Fellowship and how we might live them. Next, the Committee asked people what they would hope fellow members would promise to them, and what they are willing to promise in return.

In a series of congregational conversations, the Committee continued to incorporate input and feedback into a draft covenant, while also encouraging members and friends to look at sample covenants adopted by other UU congregations around the country.

At the Annual Meeting in November 2017, the members of the Fellowship formally adopted the new covenant.

Committee on Ministry Members

  • John Adams
  • Kate Pennington
  • Tim Goltz