“Children cannot be talked into a beautiful faith. Whatever experience contributes to making one love life, anticipates and determines a faith that embodies that love. The basic emphasis in education, therefore, must be on the process itself, on the environment of social harmony.”

— Angus H. MacLean

Spiritual Growth for Children

The Midcoast UU Fellowship brings children together for meaningful worship, spiritual growth, exploration and learning. We want children to personally experience our Unitarian Universalist faith and all the wonderful ideals that it embodies as well as the wisdom of other faith traditions.

A child’s experience at the Midcoast Fellowship is just one aspect of their religious development. While every child will participate in enriching and meaningful programs among us, it is at home where the spiritual development of each child will blossom.


RE Programs 2021 – 2022

Welcome to Religious Exploration where we learn through exploring!

We offer opportunities for all ages, from birth to death, to experience, question, learn, grow and explore life’s big questions and mysteries. We are a family-friendly and welcoming liberal faith community. We strive to keep our fellowship a safe and enjoyable place for all generations!

At Midcoast Unitarian Universalist Fellowship (MUUF), we welcome all families regardless of configuration. We want you and your children to love MUUF and to feel excited to come explore, learn and grow. We hope you will help to put our UU principles into action, making the world a more caring, loving, equitable and sustainable place to live. We also want to offer you tools to bring the love and grace of this faith into your home.

We offer a wide-range of faith development opportunities throughout the year for all ages, and in many shapes and forms. This includes Sunday morning worship, weekend hikes, mailings, shared programming with First Universalist Church in Rockland including sexuality education, and UU Family kits. Programs and events are being updated and added as we learn more about the COVID virus and as vaccinations are made available to all ages. For more information about our Religious Exploration programs, email: .

Yours in Growing Faith,
Carney McRae, Director of Religious Exploration

Register your children to receive up-to-date information about opportunities and to help us with planning: RE registration form.

Note: If you have registered in previous years and are already receiving information via email, there is no need to register again.

Click here to check out programs & events. We will continue to add opportunities throughout the school year.