Trailing Thoreau

By Jayne Gordon

This was to have been the spring of trips to Maryland and Virginia to see family, to Costa Rica with Road Scholar, and New Hampshire to teach a course on Thoreau. Now my calendar, like yours, looks like the redacted Mueller Report.

I still need to get out, to explore, to discover new places, to plot and plan and anticipate new surroundings. But in this brave new world, that does not seem very likely. But wait! What did Thoreau say?

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Gift Card Scammers Targeting Congregations

In carefully targeted scams, email, text messages, etc. of any kind, designed to look like they were sent by a Minister or member of the Board of Trustees, etc. to ask members for gift cards.

To be clear, no legitimate Minister or MUUF Board Member will EVER do this!

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The MUUF Choir is Welcoming New Members!

We meet to practice our music, and enjoy each others' company, on Thursday evenings, 7:00 - 8:30 pm. Some of you have felt in the past that going out at night was difficult, but now that our practices are held on Zoom, you can stay home and sing with us comfortably.

Having choir practice on Zoom does mean that you'll need to have a computer or tablet and a smartphone to participate. Please contact Susan Borg, phone: 207-563-2535, phone or text: 207-380-1085, or email: , to learn more!

Snow Cancellation Policy

Fellowship cancellations will be posted on our Facebook page and website. We will also notify the Portland television news channels if there is no worship service.

Please check these official channels rather than calling around to ask whether worship is happening.