Rev. Erika

Brave Enough

There are all kinds of ways to be brave, and to exhibit courage when we’d rather shrink back. What encourages you? How do we make ourselves “brave enough” to honor ourselves and one another?

Witch Hunts, Then and Now

Two centuries before the Salem Witch Trials resulted in the deaths of 20 people, the Malleus Maleficarum (“The Hammer of Witches”) fueled a European witch-craze that resulted in the persecutions and deaths of tens of thousands of women. What fueled these witch hunts of the … read more.

Dangerous Words

Language matters. The wrong words can communicate something we’re unaware of, or even do great harm. In her sermon, Erika will examine 7 words (or brief phrases) that she considers “dangerous,” each for a different reason. Come hear what they are — and the alternative, … read more.

Musing Magic

What if ideas have lives of their own? In her book Big Magic, Elizabeth Gilbert resurrects the ancient notion that creative people don’t find their muse buried within, but outside themselves, on loan from the universe. What happens when we understand ourselves as in a … read more.

Living the Questions

Do you have probing (or casual) questions about Unitarian Universalism, life and death, or everything in between? This service will invite your written inquiries, to which Rev. Erika will respond spontaneously in lieu of a sermon. (Note: “respond to” doesn’t always mean “answer”!)

All Creatures Great and Small

Intergenerational Animal Blessing

In this Blessing of the Animals, we’ll allow our pets to relax at home. Instead, please bring a picture, memento, or other symbol of an animal that you love — be it your pet or the animal that speaks to your spirit. We’ll celebrate all creatures of the Earth, … read more.

Easter Revelation

On Sunday, April 1st – no joke! – we’ll be revealing a piece of our Sunday worship experience. Stay tuned for this exciting change, which we hope you’ll love as much as your Board and worship leaders do!

Healthy, Holy Sexuality

One of our religious values, as Unitarian Universalists, is an expansive understanding of how sexuality intersects with relationship: our relationship with our own bodies, and our intimate, consensual relationships with other people. Today we’ll explore those ideas and celebrate the children and families in our … read more.