Gender Fluidity

Calvin Smith, a Veterans Administration counselor, will talk about his experiences in the context of individual identity and how that affects opportunities to build community. He will also talk about the shifting sands of language, gender, sexual orientation, and use of the word “queer”. Share … read more.

The 7 Principles & Theology

Join us as the Rev. Erika Hewitt talks about why the Seven Principles of Unitarian Universalism are not theology, as well as what UU theology looks like. This is a special sermon that four members of the congregation chose and ‘paid for’ as a part … read more.

Molly Brewer

Our guest minister this week is Molly Brewer, currently serving as the ministerial intern at the First Universalist Church of Auburn. She is a candidate for the Unitarian Universalist ministry and a seminarian at Meadville Lombard Theological School.

Mothers of the Generations

A tribute to Mothers. We call upon stories, ancient and new, to show us how mothers have found power in powerlessness and how they invite us to be agents of transformation in our own time and place.

Beltane: A Celtic Earth-centered Celebration

Come join us as we celebrate Beltane, along with the 35th Anniversary of our Fellowship! We will be honoring the end of winter and the beginning of the planting season, SPRING. As we honor our founding members we will connect old with new in the … read more.

Special Places

There are different places in the world that connect us to different parts of our own lives, as well as to the greater web of life. Visiting these places can have the power to transport us both deep into ourselves and far outside of ourselves.

All Creatures Great and Small

Intergenerational Animal Blessing

In this Blessing of the Animals, we’ll allow our pets to relax at home. Instead, please bring a picture, memento, or other symbol of an animal that you love — be it your pet or the animal that speaks to your spirit. We’ll celebrate all creatures of the Earth, … read more.

What More Did I Think I Wanted?

Last year was an abundant “mast year” in Down East Maine. The trees were heavy with acorns and pine cones. Such abundance has and continues to provide an abundance of food for wildlife. There are internal rhythms within the natural world, of which we are … read more.

Buddhist Dharma Talk

Tom is a Mitra (Pali for friend) at the Nagaloka Buddhist center in Portland, which is part of the Triratna Buddhist Community. He will talk about applying Buddhist principles to everyday living. Tom may be familiar to some of us, having lived in Newcastle for … read more.