Musing Magic

What if ideas have lives of their own? In her book Big Magic, Elizabeth Gilbert resurrects the ancient notion that creative people don’t find their muse buried within, but outside themselves, on loan from the universe. What happens when we understand ourselves as in a … read more.

Living the Questions

Do you have probing (or casual) questions about Unitarian Universalism, life and death, or everything in between? This service will invite your written inquiries, to which Rev. Erika will respond spontaneously in lieu of a sermon. (Note: “respond to” doesn’t always mean “answer”!)

Stopping To Taste The Blueberries

Rev. Erika created this ‘All-Ages’ multimedia Blueberry Communion as a celebration of summertime contentment – and a recommitment to avoid the ways that, however inadvertently, we engage in joy-busting. We’ll hear an unexpected story about our beloved St Henry (last name: Thoreau) and of course: … read more.

Gestures of Love

We will celebrate love. Love of each other, our families, our friends, and the communities that hold us in love. MUUf is one such place. We will read our covenant together. and hear readings and poetry about the many gestures of love among people. Members … read more.

Promises That Matter

Rev. Erika Hewitt
What distinguishes Unitarian Universalists from other people of faith is our foundation in covenant: the promises we make, keep, break (!), and recommit to as we seek right relationship. What does that mean for our shared ministry as we approach our … read more.

Spiritual Practices of Addiction and Recovery

Rev. Alex Holt
We are affected by cravings to all sorts of substances and behaviors. The latest is the opiates addiction trend. How do we, as religious liberals and occasional skeptics, face addictions in ourselves and others in this busy age?

Rev. Holt is an Accredited … read more.


Members of MUUF will offer personal reflections on why it is important that we are a Welcoming Congregation for LGBTQ members of the community and tips on how to be an ally.